Saskatchewan General Insurance Council Bylaws

This course provides the General Insurance Council Bylaws for the Province of Saskatchewan.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: This is not an exam preparation course, nor is it valid for continuing education. This is an educational, knowledge based course only, for quick access and review purposes of the Bylaws.

COURSE OUTLINE This course is broken into fifteen parts consisting of: The Introduction to Bylaw Examination Information; Ten Bylaws; Schedules A, B, C; and Question Section.

Part I: Introduction to Bylaw Examination Information
Part II: Bylaw 1 – General Insurance Council
Part III: Bylaw 2 – Licenses
Part IV: Bylaw 3 – Education Requirements
Part V: Bylaw 4 – Examinations
Part VI: Bylaw 5 – Register and Licensing
Part VII: Bylaw 6 – Fees
Part VIII: Bylaw 7 – Committees & Sub-delegation of functions. Powers & Duties
Part IX: Bylaw 8 – Misconduct
Part X: Bylaw 9 – Incompetence
Part XI: Bylaw 10 – Discipline Process
Part XII: Schedule A
Part XIII: Schedule B
Part XIV: Schedule C
Part XV: Question Section

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