Universal Life Insurance – Part 2

In Universal Life – Part 1, we examined the following areas of UL insurance:

  • history and development
  • features and benefits
  • Cost of Insurance applications
  • available coverage types
  • death benefit options
  • minimum and maximum premiums
  • investment options and bonuses

In this course we will discuss:

  • surrender charges and why they may apply
  • the riders and benefits that can be added to UL policies
  • the market for UL plans
  • selecting and setting up the appropriate UL Plan
  • the potential obstacles to the sale of UL plans
  • UL alternatives
  • the rules and regulations that apply to UL policies
  • the tax rules that apply to UL plans, including registration of UL plans as RRSPs

Note: Throughout this seminar we will again use the initials ‘UL’ for Universal Life.

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