The ILS Introduction to General Insurance (ILS IGI) is Canada’s newest and most-up-to date Level 1 licensing option. The comprehensive ILS IGI program is adaptable to all learning types. An easy-to-follow text book, online text or video instruction, study guide, electronic flash cards and practice exams allow students to review program material at their own pace so they are fully confident before writing the ILS Introduction to General Insurance final exam. Written by Steve Hawrishok, original author of the Fundamentals of Insurance program and the Canadian Accredited Insurance Brokers program, the ILS Introduction to General Insurance program is the most up-to-date level 1 insurance licensing program available.

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Get your start in Saskatchewan’s insurance industry with ILScorp’s Fundamentals of Insurance Online Video Preparation course. This program includes complete and comprehensive online video and study materials and everything you need to pass the Level 1 licensing exam. No additional books or materials are required.

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New entrants into the insurance industry can also opt to become licensed by passing the CAIB 1 exam. ILScorp’s CAIB preparation courses include 10-20 minute video clips of the instructor, along with easy to read text. Numerous exercises and mock exams help to reinforce your knowledge retention.

Note: Students must register with their insurance council to write the CAIB examinations.

More than 80% of students who prepare to write their CAIB exams with the ILScorp CAIB tutorial courses are successful!

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