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I’m very happy to have taken your courses. They were excellent!

Thanks again for going over and above in my stressful state.


I just wanted to thank you for your General Insurance Prep course. it was a wonderful experience and all of the exams and quizzes make it so you have a firm understanding before you write. I was able to pass my first time!!
So thank you!
Susanna Clarke

Just wanted to take a moment, and thank all of you, for the support you have provided throughout my online educational pursuits.  The level of professional personalized care and consideration, during each portion of the process, truly made the difference between a cold online experience, and something I  don’t mind sharing with others.  If there is a desire for growth, I would highly recommend ILSCorp. Thank you, Margret. Not only for the time you took for me yesterday, but for the beautiful phone message, which I received this morning.  I can tell you how delighted it made me feel, and that it absolutely put a perk in my step!  So appreciated. Kind regards, to you. I wish you all, much continued success.  It has been, my pleasure.

Jane Mayer

Thanks for your quick response to my email and your best wishes on my retirement. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and all the staff at ILS. Everyone there is wonderful.


I just completed the ILS Ethics course series and I have to say I DO value the Ethics of my job. I am very grateful that ILS has made this happen. Please keep this up. This is just the first step!


I wanted to say I have been extremely thankful for the outstanding customer service I have received from anyone I have ever called/emailed with there. You have been fast, efficient, and so friendly! I would give you 5 stars for sure!


Thank you for the great course. I really enjoyed it, and think I definitely learned what I will need to know to pass my Alberta Level 1 Licensing Exam.


I just finished my little course and I wanted to send ILS a note to tell you how much I enjoy this training – last year and today. Thanks also for helping me get organized on these courses, they are so helpful. What a great service you folks give to us!



I was privy to be selected for the inaugural run of the Commercial Producer Program through Intact Insurance partnered with ILScorp. I started the program with no insurance experience. Intact did an excellent job of designing the program and providing each participant a solid foundation of knowledge & skills entering the producer role. I will be the first to admit that I was no expert coming out of the program; the program was designed to provide each participant the basics needed to jumpstart an insurance career in an expedited fashion, and that’s exactly what I was able to pull out of the program. The training included many key activities including shadowing various roles within the industry (including underwriting, brokering, and claims adjusting), as well as online and in-person courses with ILS Corp. ILS Corp did an excellent job of providing the technical knowledge required; Intact and my brokerage, Canada BrokerLink, worked together testing knowledge and putting it to work in real world situations; This provided the recipe for success.
Today, I am a successful commercial insurance producer at Canada BrokerLink. Each day possesses an unique challenge and learning opportunity, giving me a chance to further my skillset and knowledge base. I highly recommend the Intact Commercial Producer Program to anyone looking to start an exciting and stimulating career in insurance.


Intact’s culture of growth and personal development is notably infused into this awesome program. Twelve weeks of comprehensive instruction and support provided by the best in their industry, coupled with fantastic peer mentorship from the Intact team. It was a recipe for success. Broad range of real world experiences from shadowing and ride-alongs to the emergence into the company culture. It all provided a real sense of camaraderie that was felt daily. If you have ever considered a career in Insurance, I highly recommend this fantastic program (ILScorp and Intact Commercial Producer School) offered by one of Canada’s premiere Insurance providers. As one of Canada’s top 100 employers, this initiative will certainly help them climb the ranks.


The ILScorp and Intact Commercial Insurance Producer course was broken down in the best possible way. Very supportive staff that are dedicated to helping you achieve success. The training is absolutely engaging, very easy to focus and learn what would otherwise be a dry subject. I have come out a great broker with a great career path ahead of me. I would recommend this course to absolutely anybody looking to get into the commercial insurance sales industry.


As for the ILScorp and Intact Commercial Producer School Program, I believe it was a great start for me learning general insurance having no knowledge of the industry at all. The job shadowing with the underwriters helped me build a great relationship with them that whenever I give them a call and have questions and concerns it’s always pleasant and solutions are always given.


You guys totally rock! No wonder I keep promoting ILS.
Thank you so much for the support and quick responses every time I contact you.


I’d like to thank you guys for the GREAT videos! I don’t think I would’ve passed my CAIB 2 on a self study basis and going to classes during the week is just not possible for me.

Thanks again!


ILScorp facilitates Commercial Producer School for Intact Insurance

Excerpted From Insurance West Magazine, November 2013. Written by Bill Earle

Intact Insurance recently sponsored a commercial producers training program in Victoria, designed to help develop sales skills, particularly for new or junior people.
“The intent of the Producer School is to provide a strong sales-focused program centred on commercial lines,” says Luisa Currie, VP sales and business development for Intact in the West.
“Over the week-long session producers learn everything from identifying potential customers to finding the right solutions to fit their needs to closing the sale. Our intent is that when a commercial producer finishes the course, he or she will be a strong sales professional.”
The Intact Zone provided some original material for the Victoria training session, which was organized ad delivered by ILScorp (Insurance Learning Services), a leader in online and classroom insurance training. The BC-based firm has been in the training business for about 22 years.
Its President and CEO Ken MacRase says Intact’s commitment to education is impressive.
“They go above and beyond to make sure brokers are not only well-looked after but well-trained,” MacRae says.
“Having worked with a lot of companies, we’re always impressed with our partners, but I’ve got to say Intact does a great job.”
Jolene Dumont-Schaub, with Foster Park Baskett, a large Edmonton brokerage, attended the training program in Victoria. She has been with the agency for seven years and is currently a commercial insurance brokers and the firm’s account manager.

“They give you a script for selling to a prospect from beginning to end. They make it easy and they break it down as to what you need to do to be successful. They tell you what insurance language to avoid and encourage you to find the simplest way to explain things. They stress the importance of personalizing the relationship to facilitate the sales process. It’s a great starting point for someone who wants to sell more.”

I started with a tight timeline to take the course in order to write the provincial exam and get licenced for general insurance around May 2012.
I researched all options available, and while my preference was a classroom setting with open discussion, those courses were just too long to complete (weekly classes) or too expensive for me at the time.
ILScorp ensured I was highly prepared for the exam and starting my new career in general insurance. I doubt those classes would be giving the resources and reference that ILS does today!
I just want to say thank you for providing such a comprehensive course and with effective support, as I had questions about the course while I was taking it. Your replies to my questions were fast and very helpful.
I really look forward to my continuing education and keeping current thanks to your resources!

Tyson Reilly

When I was first “encouraged” to get into the Insurance business, I was a bit hesitant of course. After this week though, I’m looking forward to carrying on with my CAIB courses.

Stephanie Paoli

I loved the course! It was a great experience for me as a new broker. I now have skills I can take back to work, personalize them, and really apply them to my job.

Dave Robertson

The course was excellent. Very informative and valuable.

Daniela Velthuis

One of the best courses I’ve ever taken! I wish this course was available years ago when I first started out.

Jerry Abuzo

I really enjoyed it. It was an outstanding experience.

Mia Connor

The course was awesome. It was different than I had anticipated.

Julie Neufeld

That review went fast…guess the rest is up to me. I’m so grateful for these immersion courses and glad that I was able to be a part of all four. Thank you so much Todd and ILS! I will owe my designation to you! Hopefully our paths with cross again in the future…take care!

Jenny Dennis

I was very happy to receive the Canadian Insurance Scholarship. The course laid everything out for me in a way that was very easy for me to understand. Anytime I needed any guidance there was always someone available to help me, and it was an excellent help for me in starting my new career.

Simoriah Holland

You were a great help! Thank you! After doing the Autoplan Basics on my Own and now doing this Fundamentals course I have to say I Really enjoy the way this course has been set up! Makes it so much easier to be able to watch the videos over and over!

Again, thank you so much!


Well, we received our first ILS newsletter since December so I just wanted to thank you for your help that you gave to our IT department so that we could resume receiving this daily information. This newsletter is one of my favorite newsletters to receive and my staff has said the same so we are glad to be back in the loop. Again, thanks for your help and for your patience as we worked through this.

Cindy Anweiler

Marketing Manager, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

I just wanted to inform you that I have written my Level 1 Adjuster’s Exam and successfully passed it.
This was my third attempt so passing it was not only important but crucial as well.
My preparation for the first 2 attempts consisted basically of just reading the material that was made available to me and then holding it to memory. I found the ILS course more suited to my studying abilities, whereas, it was more of a “being taught” setting as opposed to just reading a book. I found the layout of the course to be more involving and the material more understandable, especially with the examples that would explain in laymen terms what it was you just learned. I also found the flash cards a very useful tool just to do a quick review of all chapters on a daily basis and keep the information fresh.
Fortunately, I have been able to secure employment with an independent adjusting firm and now I’m getting hands on training.
Thank you for providing me with the ability to lay down the foundation to build on this new career. Taking this course was a good investment and money well spent.

Jay W.

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